Here We Are Again

A health related incident at the end of May has seen me out of action for a while but it’s time to get this blog going again so here I am. I didn’t make it to Singapore so there is nothing from me on that score.

On to  nicer things

In the middle of October, Paul and I went to Kangaroo Island for a week, followed by another five days in the Clare Valley. It was lovely in both places although they are very different. I used TravelPod to make a travel blog with narrative, photos and even a map. To see my Travelpod blog click here

I’ve¬†posted some of my travel sketches¬†most of which I did¬†in¬†the same travel journal I took to France in 2014. I struggle a bit with this journal. It’s an A5 mixed media Strathmore. While the paper is good, watercolour paint dries quite quickly on it unless it’s a very wet application. So far I’ve managed to botch¬†two spreads but I’ve either papered over them or stuck pages together to keep the journal going.

The first sketch¬†is of Pennington Bay which is¬†a remote surf beach on the Southern coast of Kangaroo Island.¬†The day we visited there were only twelve people¬†and two dogs on the beach. I drew the scene in the Strathmore¬† journal but left the painting for later. I hadn’t painted a surf beach before and I couldn’t get it to work on the paper in the journal.¬†This is my¬†third attempt which I ended up doing on Arches paper.

Pennington Bay, Kangaroo IslandPenn BayThe following spread is from the Strathmore book. The emu and the truck were drawn at Emu Ridge eucalyptus oil distillery; the pelicans, down by the water’s edge in the island’s capital, Kingscote.

KI Birds

I have been doing Marc Taro Holmes’ on-line Craftsy course on Travel Sketching. All these drawings started with a light pencil line, then some black fineliner pen followed by¬†the addition of some dark accents with a black brush pen before adding paint. As ever it’s important to to go easy with the various media and to let the paint DRY between layers.

Lastly, another spread which features a¬†wallaby. I’m pleased with this little sketch (which is from a photo) because I¬†found¬†my groove with the Strathmore paper. The sketch of the cottage where we stayed was done following the guidelines in Stephanie Bower’s Craftsy class on perspective.

KI wallaby

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  1. Wonderful drawings well done!!

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