Pages from my 2014 Travel Journal

This illustrated travel journal has been a work in progress. Everything was drawn in the place featured but colour and lettering were added either later in the day or after I returned home. It’s still not quite finished even though it’s not very long. I draw slowly and I don’t wish to spend all my travel time sketching. Sometimes I just want to sit a gaze at a view and marvel that I’m half way around the world from home and that I’ve gotten there mostly under my own steam.

The first picture is of where I stayed for ten days. It was a darling cosy little cottage in Broad Campden. The map shows the places I visited. This is only a tiny part of the Cotswolds but I managed to fill each of the ten days I spent there.

Green Cottage and map of places visited

Green Cottage and map of places visited

Stanway House Gatehouse

Stanway House Gatehouse

Coffee in Moreton in Marsh; a visit to Batsford Arboretum

Coffee in Moreton in Marsh; a visit to Batsford Arboretum

After staying in England I headed to Avignon where I spent a few days before going on a small group tour into the heart of Provence.

Scenes of Avignon

Scenes of Avignon

Scenes from Provence,

Scenes from Provence

2 responses to “Pages from my 2014 Travel Journal

  1. Hi Anne- Fabulous travel sketching! I especially love your map of places visited. I like the addition of text as graphic elements and descriptive titles for the pages. I find there is so much to convey with text (and not just writing a lot, that is). I also like the diversity of subjects that struck your interest as you traveled. Well done!

    • Hi Jean, thanks for the encouragement. You are quite right. There is much to convey with text. That is why I enjoy your art and have been inspired to follow suit and use text. I like the idea of the whole page being designed so that it becomes more than just a drawing of an object. By adding the text and graphic elements it ends up meaning more to the viewer.

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