Urban Sketcher’s Symposium Singapore 2015

I’ve registered and chosen my four workshops for the USk symposium in Singapore in July this year. It’s hard deciding which tutors and classes are best likely to advance my confidence and skills. My BIG interest is tone and getting my sketches and paintings to look like the sun is shining. For that reason I had to take Matthew Brehm’s workshop, The Structure of Light in Watercolour. I follow Shari Blaukopf’s blog and am interested in how she achieves what she does so her workshop Big Brush Colour: Capturing that First Impression was the next choice. I want to know how draw more lively scenes. Beginners, including me, start by drawing single objects then work their way towards more complex scenes which makes sense. No longer a beginner, I am confident these days drawing single objects, buildings, what have you and want to move on to capturing the busyness and bustle of place. Some describe this as telling a story through a sketch. This lead to a dilemma; do I do Marc Taro Holmes’ workshop or Suhita Shirodkar’s Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd. As I’ve bought Marc’s book and enrolled in his Craftsy class I decided on Suhita’s workshop. Last but not least, I chose Richard James’s workshop. Then I changed my mind. Then I changed it back again. I like Richard’s stylised work. I’ll be wanting to learn how he draws straight lines while standing up. His workshop is called Capturing Singapore’s Lively Spaces. In Summary I have elected two more painterly oriented workshops and two about getting to grips with the bustle of a place. I have two female teachers and two male ones. There were two or three other teachers I would have liked to work with but participants are limited to four workshops.

After having decided upon my workshops I turned to getting my accommodation and flights sorted. That took a whole afternoon. I’ve been only briefly to Singapore and that was years ago so I wasn’t quite sure where to start as regards choosing a hotel. In the end I looked at the locations of my various workshops and that of the National Design Centre. Armed with that information I booked a hotel which is close to each of my events. After speaking to a friend yesterday it turns out to be a good location for some other sightseeing too.

The next thing is to check my equipment lists against what I have in “The Stash”. I’m at the stage where I DO need an excuse to buy more art supplies. It looks like I will have to get a range of tube watercolours and also some larger format watercolour blocks for the two painterly workshops. A much more satisfying purchase than the clichéd woman’s must have, namely shoes. Although I like a good pair of shoes too.

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