In the Beginning

Once upon a time I decided I’d like to try my hand at botanical art so I enrolled in a six week course. I thought it would be easy to paint an apple but it wasn’t. It was easy enough to draw the apple in graphite but quite hard to paint it since I’d never used watercolour before. I used up an awful lot of hot press Fabriano Artistico paper trying to get something resembling a Pink Lady apple. By the end of the six weeks I had managed to paint a competent apple.

Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady Apple

I haven’t done any botanical art since. I turned instead to travel sketching and urban sketching and just drawing the every day which is why I call myself a global, urban, suburban sketcher. I have drawn in Fiji, the Kimberley, Kakadu, Spain, England, Norfolk Island, France, urban Sydney and Melbourne, suburban Sydney and Melbourne and quite a lot in my own home at the dining room table. As for botanical art… well I may just start to dabble in that again too because it is very meditative drawing and painting something slowly and with extreme accuracy.

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